The Gist of Emergency Medicine

- The Management of Real or Simulated Patient Encounters-

-A Review Book-

1998 edition

In memory of the victims of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA.
May there be better days ahead for
all of humanity.

ISBN 0-9695693-5-1

The Gist of Emergency Medicine was written for oral board candidates, practicing physicians, residents, interns and medical students. It is meant to compliment standard texts and oral board courses. It is also designed to refresh and reinforce the "trouble-shooting neuronal synapses" of the emergency room physician and as a brief reference in the ER.

Hello there! I hope you find the downloads of the "Gist" useful.  The book represents many hundreds of hours over the past several years and I am hoping that others derive some benefit from my "hobby".

Best wishes,

Michael O. Hebb M.D.

p.s. I passed the ABEM orals using this book (in 1992, when the book was only 74 pages long!).

Completed:   Two book reviews of the 1998 edition [by American and Canadian ER directors].  Links are provided below.

April 11, 1999: Alan Clark's book review of the 1998 edition is available at

July 29, 1999:
Jim Thompson's book review published in the July issue of the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine is available here.

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